Diversify Your Portfolio

A balanced portfolio in Oil and Gas can provide the diversification you need to secure your future and ensure long-term investment success. Nervous investors today are looking to turn the corner and find a sustainable investment solution to save and grow wealth. Traditional investments such as stocks, bonds, CD's, mutual funds, and IRA's diversified in paper-denominated investments are no longer the strong-suit. Oil and Gas is once again proving to outperform virtually every investment class in the marketplace. Why? Let's look at the big picture, Oil is a depleting resource used in just about everything we consume. Ask yourself, what other commodity is in more demand?

IRA and 401k approved investments

Looking for an alternative to the stock market or mutual funds? Convert your 401(k) or IRA into Oil and Gas. Times have definitely changed, and you might find yourself being a little hesitant to invest anywhere these days. Don't rely on some high paying advisor or stock broker to manage your money. Investing in Oil and Gas is a great way to grow your assets while maintaining full control of your investment. U.S. Oil Properties proudly offers you the financial life-line you've been searching for. We can help build a diverse Oil and Gas portfolio that's right for you!

Why Invest in Oil?

With the unstable economy, $19 TRILLION in National debt, and continued massive government spending, investors are flocking to Oil and Gas investments. Today, we're dealt with many economic uncertainties which include the U.S. Dollar decline over the past 11 years consecutively, volatile stock markets, a housing bubble, bank failures, and high unemployment rates. Oil has proven to offset these negative measures time and time again, and is a critical part of a healthy financial portfolio. Oil is arguably one of the best hedges against inflation on the planet.

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According to the SEC an Accredited Investor is a person with an individual net worth, or a combined net worth with their spouse, in excess of $1,000,000(excluding primary residence)when the investment is made; or has an income of $200,000 or more for the two previous years or a joint income combined with their spouse of $300,000 or more for those years and a realistic anticipation of an equal income amount in the present year.

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Superior Return on Investment
High oil prices combined with advanced technology can provide investors with long term revenue

100% Tax Deductible
Oil and Gas participation offers substantial tax savings not available with traditional investments

Monthly Income
Oil and Gas investments can pay out for up to 30 years

Direct Oil and Gas Investments


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